seeing is not believing

don’t believe what you see.

because theres always something hidden from your eyes.

I have a free night today, no work late and no soap opera.

i am busy doing things, just like i am in the office.

working for my plan mentioned yesterday is quite interesting.

even though its not easy to achieve what i want to see.

i check every word, even every character, space

and i just can’t figure out whats the difference

after googleing again and again, its all in vain.

eventually, i found there must be imacs problem.

as i said, a good programmer always blame on others before they find the real cause

the thing is the text editor of mac has special format.

you won’t see it, but its there.

at the same time, i found that im quite unfamiliar with apple.

i don’t even know how to find the command line and edit the file type.

forget it.

ive learn a lesson, to see is not to believe.

except you know the whole thing for sure.

its almost impossible, i think….