yes, i’ve finished my plan.

a plurk bot, which posts rss feeds periodically.

i know its not a big deal.

there’re a lot of people have done this even a half year before.

well, to me, im so proud of myself. no matter what XD

the reason why i do this is very simple.

theres no existed bot gather the info of which my interested in.

i’ve found a bot that collect bbc news feed once a day.

i add it as my friend, but it never response me. >______<

maybe it won’t make friends anymore,

then the plan start.

it took me only tree days to achieve the basic function i expected,

maybe when i get up tomorrow, it’ll be proven. (or not)

thanks to 小鐵, he gave me a big hand to answer all my dumb questions.

i felt that python is really strong even i don’t quite familiar with it.

its father is working for google.

and its also the first supported programming language on googles app engine.

whats more, the plurk is programmed by python.

i think, i should have a deeper relationship with it.

i don’t know if anyone would like to add my bot as friend.

what i love may not what you love,

but if you like to receive latest news of bbc and voa,

its my pleasure to share with you.

and if you have any advice, or better feed source,

i would really appreciate for your sharing.