spending money is so easy

i spent 75 hundred today.

i went to salon and spent 5 thousand there.

my hair were dyed, waved then cut.

actually, all this would not cost so much.

this was the tactic of my stylist.

she said if i paid 5 thousand this time.

i could enjoy 40% off of dyeing and wave until i ran out of it.

that means i could have extra free dyeing eventually.

well, i thought it seriously, and asked her many questions,

and finally made my decision.

yah, in the long term, its good for me.

i’d trusted her for so many years, to have this long range contract,

its ok.

how about the rest 25 hundred, oh~

if you thought you read this post would get the answer?

you’re definitely wrong. i won’t let you know.

its districted. its forbidden for kids. so…. its a pity.

okay, its not the point.

the point is to spend money is so easy.

you never know how it would gone in such a boring day.

but what i want to say is that to earn money is not difficult too.

if you believe it, you work hard. then you won’t need to worry about money.

the basic premise is you should not let your desire overwhelm your property.

i mean spending your money in affordable amount, not thing need to worry.


my plurk bot had have a little problem, i tried to fix it,

guess what, it looks more like i were the broken one to be fixed.

i need to learn to relax in sat.

the only vacation i got this week.

so sad, isnt it?