its not too bad to work on Sunday

of course, to work on Sunday is not easy to get happy.

however, its not too bad actually.

for example, i can decide when to arrive and leave,

if i work over than 8 hours, its ok.

in addition, theres no boss or leader would monitor what you’re doing.

as usual, having a breakfast and reading some news when i arrived at office.

then time goes fast, its about to lunch.

PM drove his car to the restaurant and had lunch with cheryl and me.

when we backed to office, we discussed some programming issues

we started to talk about dinner then. = =a

in the night, we went to 大江 and ate at burger king…

what could i say, was it really sad to work on Sunday?

oh, it depends.

if you have a good, easy-going PM and pretty colleague,

you would agree with me.

in short, im really happy today. thanks to whom cares about me.

im so lucky to been with you.

ok, lets talk about my personal plan today.

my plurk bot still had some bugs, like plurked too much in a short time,

and it may repeated to post the same articles.

due to the human nature, im a little lazy to fix it.

moreover, it still could be used and fulfilled my wants.

i think its time to plan next interesting program.. = =

maybe i can begin to learn the mac more.

yah, even i used it for a couple months,

i still don’t quite familiar with it.

some useful tool, shortcut, hot keys are there and i don’t even know to utilize them.

due to the sake of unknown status, you would think it is not as good as other operating system.

i should give myself a chance to understand mac again.

i surfed the internet and found a prosper mac info website, called macuknow.

its awesome. i found some useful and free softwares there.

no doubt, it made me a better impression of mac.

in sum, let’s start to learn apple from this site.

my new plan is ongoing.