i am optimistic, humorous and open-minded.

the english class today, we talked about adjectives related to a person.

how can we describe a person’s characteristic, or personality.

at the end of class, we should introduce ourself with three adjectives.

in the beginning, scott,the tutor, listed some common words.

for instance, kind, strict, easy-going, competitive or something else in positive way.

of course, we would not introduce us as an mean, selfish and ugly person. = =+

when we talked about “humorous", scott asked everybody to raise hands.

and when he counted down to 1, every one point to the one you think

the most humorous person in the class.

with no surprise, i am the winner!!!

i don’t know it is criticize or praise. = =a

but i just can’t deny it.

i think i am optimistic. i do change a lot in recent years.

i used to worry everything, a little bit idealistic.

maybe its why i have a good job, get good scores at school.

but it doesn’t mean i would be happy.

so i decided not only to show a big smile on the face,

but to feel happy in the inside.

the last characteristic is open-minded.

i am easy to change my mind, you could say that i am fickle.

but the word is kind of a negative expression.

so… i used open-minded.

i am easy to be persuaded, if i think what you say is right,

i won’t insist on my opinion.

but it depends sometimes. = =

a lady in the class told me,

she thought i talked about things straightly sometimes.

but its ok for her, she thinks i have my own opinion.

i am really humorous when i stay with the group.

she said i don’t need to worry about the girlfriend.

with my personality, she would show up soon.

wow, i like to hear that. XDDD

the easiest way to make others happy is to praise him/her honestly.

its todays conclusion…

ps. vincent’s awesome plan today is to setup a win xp in imac via virtual box

i’ve have two operating system now.

each time i want to change to another one, i must restart my mac.

it is a little annoying. so i choose not to login winxp as few as possible.

after i found an good article on the macuknow website.

i follow each step and i can’t imagine installing an os could be easy like this.

it took less than 20 minutes, then everythings done.

i don’t even need to handle the network configuration.

just download chrome and search pps, and watching ANTM cycle 14.

oh, i have nothing to critique.

if i have to, i would say if the resolution can be as large as imac,

i would appreciate badly.

current resolution is good for watching movie though.

ok, thats all for today.

have a sweet dream.