natural voice reader

i am not saying that mac is better than pc.

i just don’t know why same project on mac always gives more.

like msn, it’s more cute in mac.

here’s another example,

i try to download the natural voice reader for the sake of

the convenience of reading news when i am busy programming,

this program would read each word for me.

in pc version, it only has four kind of sound,

2 men, a woman and a chinese reader.

but when i download the mac version, it really surprised me.

it has more than 20 different sound effect.

even the whisper of the movie SAW, “i wanna play a game."

and a sound just like spoken from an alien.

quite interested.

some said the quality of natural voice reader is too bad to listen,

if you download the free version.

but in the mac version, its free, the quality is acceptable for me.

so, just enjoying it.

i think today is not a good day.

my project’s due is on next 2 days.

and it seams like we won’t finish on time.

but i promised to the boss i will finish it,

just because i don’t know what will happen if i say no.

maybe i am a newbie of being a worker,

somehow or other i must finish it on friday,

or i have to cancel my singing party and lunch party.

so…. knock on wood.