labor day

this is my first labor day.

i am not very happy about it.

yeah, i get issues. i think i won’t care.

however, i am totally wrong.

i care it deadly.

i had a bad dream last night.

i slept not well at all.

i try to convince myself.

my life is wonderful.

i do the interesting job.

i met good PM.

but it’s all about the feeling.

it’s a cheat.

it makes me looks just like a fool.

what a wonderful labor day.

only one day, my mood changed dramatically in the opposite way.

i hate this.

i should be the most happiest guy in the world.

i don’t want to sweat on such a small stuff.

so please just give me a break

while i get up next day, don’t let me think it anymore.

if there’s something need to clarify or investigate,

please not in my leisure time.

thanks a lot.