when i have bad feelings about anything,

i like to talk to my parents.

they always give me good advices,

and i often follow their directions.

sometimes, i have small stuffs to share with them,

my mom may be sneezed at me, looks down upon me,

and never says a good word.

at this moment, i usually let words left in, right out.

i know parents have more experiences than me.

so when i face big things, it’s better to take their advices.

however, they also have stereotyping cause by their much experiences.

my dad is more rational, he listens to me and express his opinion.

but my mom always thinks things in the darkest side.

she always presuppose us as the most stupid guy in the world.

and that’s why what she say are often useless to me.

even she’s right, no one would accept it with her sharp tongue.

she says i am a freshman in the society,

what i see and what i think is too small and narrow.

but at least my thinking won’t be limited by those unnecessary concepts.

she thinks she’s always right, kids should always obey her rule.

i don’t think so.

my life is my life.

i won’t let anyone manipulate my whole life.

then there’s no limitation.