i am sick.

about 5 am this morning, i woke up with god damn stomachache.

i rushed into toilet and i had a bad time there.

at the meanwhile, i was thinking, what happened.

i thought maybe it’s because i was too anxious to take care of my health.

complaining things about job, do no good for me.

i knew i should stop thinking it, but i still put myself in an anxious and nervous condition.

and this is why i suffer all this pain today.

i worked four hours only. this feeling is hard to describe.

i was using computer surfing the net, listening to favorite music.

just like i stayed at home.

it’s not bad, isn’t it.

i think i should learn to relax.

especially when i am really concentrate on my hobby or favorite things.

i would always ignore the signal that body sent to.

this is not good.

i would remember this feeling when i stayed in the toilet,

and this will warn myself to relax and take a break.

therefore, what i suffered today is worthy for a lesson.