enjoy your life

it seems like i catch a cold.

but i don’t have many symptoms.

i just feel a little lazy, not as smart as usual and headache.

i could hardly concentrate on my work today.

and i would easily misunderstand others words.

for instance, when i discuss with a guy who attend the english class.

he said he is a little lazy, he doesn’t like to work to hard.

and i heard he doesn’t like to walk too far. = =a

it’s a little embarrassing.

since everyone doesn’t listen to me carefully,

there’s no one finds this.

i think today maybe is not my day.

my body is not in a healthy status.

but a great lunch and dinner time can fully compensate for this.

i talks to many colleagues, and i do have a good time.

life should likes this.

not everything around you would be perfect,

but you can try to put yourself in a comfort and joyful situation.

that’s what i learned today.

ps. i don’t know if it is ok for i using past tense and present tense at the same article.

i need someone to correct my writing, it do helps me to improve a lot.

oh~ another good experience i learned today is that

standing in front of crowd and speaking english is not that hard,

just don’t worry about the mistakes may made and speak it loudly and confidently.