learning english in taiwan is hard.

i don’t really want to use this title.

but this is what i feel today.

i try to find somewhere to post diary in english,

i dream that in that place i could share with others,

who write their posts in english too.

so we can learn from each other and make our writing get better.

i have found a social network of english,

it’s like a traditional social website.

everyone has his pages, can post something, response to others short messages.

it’s like a pre web 2.0 product.

oh~ what i want to mention is posts in there are almost written in chinese.

i don’t know if this would conflict with its url,

which is http://www.english.tw

it’s a little frustrated but i still register an account.

it takes no tolls there. = =

the second thing i want to find is a tool which can let me record some new vocabularies.

i already have some choices, bot they all have shortcomings.

finally i install an application in my iphone.

i can edit my flash cards and memorize them at any time.

and it’s about time to see all those 1500 vocabularies of voa.

the hardest part is to keep doing this everyday.

let’s do some real thing.

no more fool around. i am too good at it. = =