prison break

prison break is an america soap drama on the tv about three years ago.

you may think i am very out of date.

in fact, i think i am so lucky to have a chance to watch this series.

it’s worthy to watch, even three years later.

i usually watch an episode at the night when i stay at home.

since three days before,

i’d watched all 4 seasons of x-men revolution at my lunch break,

i started to switch to the prison break season 2.

and i realize that i don’t have enough time to read my book.

i often have about 20 minutes to stand in the hallway and look at my book

after watching the x-men revolution.

but the prison break is too long to allocate more time to read.

until today, i have not read the book for a week.

i don’t like this, i need some changes.

on the other hand, to watch this series at lunch time probably is not a good idea.

it’s too excited. i would feel nervous and stop eating my lunch.

this is not what i want, i don’t really want to lose weight by this way.

in short, i would like to see some relax episodes in lunch and

enjoy prison break after getting off duty.

maybe it’s good for me and life would be easier.