when i was riding

it’s been a long time i have not rade my bicycle

thanks to the bad weathers of holidays these weeks.

when i was riding at the countryside near my grandmother’s house,

i had thought a lot.

i thought my job was a programmer.

writing codes to comunicate with computers,

so that it would helps me doing routine jobs human doesn’t like.

is this what i want to do?

i do this job because it’s at my home town.

i do this because i majored at information-related in college and graduate.

i do this because it’s stable.

but is this what i want?

i mean if i did not study computer science, i may not be there.

i love singing. when i was happy or i wanted to be happy,

i liked to sing. i think i am good at it even my mom did not approve of it.

and i never thought i would be a singer one day.

i am an adult who loses my own dreams, and i don’t want myself feel frustrated in the future.

i have to change.

when i was riding with the sunset today, i had a sweet day dream.

i felt really happy and i wanted to keep that feeling forever.

i may lose my enthusiasm these days.

whatever, i need to be happier,

i could pull myself together and be myself as soon.