one day when i was working at my office as usual,

a colleague msn-ed me and said she wanted to go down stair to ask me some questions about eye surgery.

then she went in front of me and put a custard (奶凍) on my desk.

after we had a lot conversation of surgery concerns and she left.

i looked at the custard and thought she’s nice.

hmm, it’s delicious.

yet the colleague msn-ed me again and told me if cheryl, colleague sit next to me, came back just inform her.

i said ok but why? oh~ because i don’t want the custard became stale.

of course i yelled oh my god in my mind after seeing this statement.

i ate the wrong dessert.

so i replied, well maybe i can just eat it since sheryl won’t back in a short time.

but she insisted, no i’ll down stair and take back myself.

i was get more anxious.

but i tried to be calm and said, no mind i’ll help you put it in the refrigerator.

after then, i went to the b1 floor and bought a beverage.

being a good man, i put the beverage on cheryl’s desk.

later, cheryl came back, i told her everything.

and i wish she would accept my apology for exchanging the custard to a drink.

cheryl looked at my with poor and pointed to somewhere on her desk and said

see, my custard is here, you did not eat my custard, so bring back your drink.

ohhhhhhhh, i want to kill myself so badly.

ok, it’s a story about the stupid guy trying to make fun.

thank you for reading.