ICRT EZ News – 2011/03/28

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Gov’t. reporting no radiation in Japan imported goods
The government says all foodstuffs and industrial products imported from
Japan since radiation screening began have met safety standards.

The Atomic Energy Council has conducted checks on 506 foodstuffs imported
from Japan, and none have registered any increased radiation levels.

The Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection has also found no increased
radiation levels in some 658 industrial goods.

To date, only broad beans and geo-duck clams imported from Japan have had
traces of radioactive substances … but all these products have been

As of yesterday … some 56-thousand people have been screened for radiation
at the island’s main airports since screening began.

Forty had slight traces of radioactivity on their skin or clothing … but
this number has remained unchanged for the past five days.

Luxury tax review pending
Lawmakers are expected to begin reviewing the government’s “luxury tax" bill
early next month.

The government says the bill is aimed at cutting back real estate speculation
… and was proposed after there were widespread complaints of sky-rocketing
property prices, especially in northern parts of the island.

Lawmakers from the ruling K-M-T are calling on the government to explain the
bill … claiming residents of southern Taiwan don’t have a clear
understanding of the policy.

Meanwhile … the main opposition D-P-P says the estimated 15-billion N-T
dollars in revenue expected from the new tax should be used to help subsidize
education programs for low-income families and help cover medical costs of
children and the elderly.

The K-M-T says the revenues should be used to help first time home buyers
purchase properties.

Taipei City Government to expand road resurfacing program
The Taipei City Government says it will expand its “smooth road program" …
and begin resurfacing all roads and lanes less than 8-meters in width this

The project is part of city Mayor Hao Long-bin’s policy to improve conditions
of many of the city’s roads.

The program began in 2009 … with an additional 229-million N-T dollars to
be added to the program.

in international news …

Western aircraft are bombing the Libyan capital of Tripoli and another key

Here’s more from the AP’s Mark Lavie in Cairo.

A magnitude-6.5 earthquake shook eastern Japan off the coast on this morning.

There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries, but the Japan
Meteorological Agency said that a tsunami of up to a half meter may wash into
Miyagi Prefecture.

Meanwhile …

The company responsible for the Fukushima power station evacuated it again
yesterday after high levels of radiation were detected in the cooling system
of one reactor.

At one point radiation of 1-thousand milli-sieverts per hour was measured.

This is a potentially lethal level said to be 10 million times higher than

Tokyo Electric Power Company later said that the reading was a mistake, and
it wasn’t double-checked because workers ran away from the building.

However, new measurements over the weekend have confirmed fears that there
has been a huge jump in radiation in the sea near the facility.

The number of people who are confirmed to have died in the earthquake and
tsunami has risen to over 10-thousand … with at least 16-thousand-500
reported missing.

Germany’s anti-nuclear Greens scored a remarkable victory on Sunday over
chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative party in a state election that turned
into a referendum on nuclear power.

Most Germans are opposed to nuclear power, especially in the wake of the
disaster in Japan, as they consider it unsafe.

The Greens won 24.2 percent of the vote, with the center-left Social
Democrats down 2 percentage points at 23.1 percent.

That secures the Greens a narrow lead to form a coalition government with a
combined 71 seats in the state legislature.

The disaster in Japan triggered Merkel’s government last week to order a
temporary shutdown of seven of the country’s older reactors for thorough
safety investigations.

The opposition wants to abolish the use of nuclear power for good by 2020.

Germany currently gets about a quarter of its energy from nuclear power, but
plans to eventually replace it with renewable energies.

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