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The Ministry of Economic Affairs yesterday defended the island’s reliance on
nuclear power … saying it remains a “necessary solution" in the
foreseeable future.

According to economic minister – Shi Yen-xiang – alternatives to nuclear
power would be very costly .. and the island see a sizable increase in carbon
emissions and electricity rates if nuclear power was replaced by natural gas
or coal.

The statement follows calls by the main opposition D-P-P for the legislature
to approve a referendum on nuclear power.

Shi added that all of the island’s nuclear plants are able to withstand
strong earthquakes.


The Ministry of Interior says it will establish a sex offenders’ — –
publishing the names and photographs of repeat sex offenders online.

Interior Minister – Jiang Yi-hua – said amendments to the Sex Assault Crime
Prevention Act are based on the U-S’ Megan’s Law – which requires authorities
to make information regarding registered sex offenders available to the
general public.

The move comes amid widespread public criticism of the government’s handling
of sex offenders following the rape and murder of a teenage girl in Yilan
County by a convicted sex offender.


Officers from the Justice Investigation Bureau detained ten Jeelung police
officers yesterday on charges of taking bribes from illegal video game arcade
and casino operators.

Prosecutors say the bribes could total as much as 100-million N-T dollars and
were paid over a period of 18 years.

All ten police officers arrested were stationed at the Jeelung City Police
Bureau’s First Precinct.

Two casino operators were also arrested in the operation.

NATO has taken over command of the no-fly zone over Libya, and rebel forces
have closed in on Moammar Gadhafi’s hometown of Sirte.

The town is reportedly the gateway to the western half of the country.

The AP’s Robert Reid reports.

Meanwhile …

Defending the attacks he launched 10 days ago, U-S President Barack Obama
says preventing Moammar Gadhafi from crushing pro-democracy rebels is in
America’s national interests.

The AP’s Mark Smith reports.

Workers have discovered new pools of radioactive water leaking from Japan’s
crippled nuclear complex.

Crews also detected plutonium — a key ingredient in nuclear weapons — in
the soil outside the complex, though officials are insisting the finding
poses no threat to public health.

Since the Fukushima Dai-ichi power plant was crippled in the March 11th
earthquake and tsunami, three of the complex’s six reactors are believed to
have partially melted down, and emergency crews have struggled with
everything from malfunctioning pumps to dangerous spikes in radiation that
have forced temporary evacuations.

Confusion at the plant has intensified fears that the nuclear crisis will
continue for months or even years amid alarms over radiation making its way
into produce, raw milk and even tap water as far away as Tokyo.

Over 10-thousand people are known to have died, with more than 16-thousand
people still missing.

In Cambodia, the man who admitted to overseeing the torture and killing of
16-thousand people as the Khmer Rouge’s chief prison warden is appealing his
19-year prison sentence for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Kaing Guek Eav — also known as Duch — operating during the brutal four-year
ultra-Marxist regime in the 1970s … which led to the deaths of an estimated
1.7 million people.

The 68-year-old was sentenced last July to 35 years in prison for war crimes
and crimes against humanity, but the sentence was commuted to 19 years due to
time already served and other technicalities.

The sentence was widely criticized as too lenient.

expect mostly cloudy skies w/ sunny spells islandwide …
w/ a high of 19 in Taipei
a high of 23 in Taichong
and a high of 26 in Gaoxiong.

Current Temperatures ….

Taipei — 20

Taichung — 20

Gaoxiong — 21

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